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Holland, Michigan

Berean Church had a close association with Milwaukee Bible Institute (MBI) and frequently hosted guest speakers and singing groups from the school. One Sunday Bulletin reported that the MBI boxes located at the exits (of the church) were opened and the offerings totaled $37.13. Donors were thanked and a check was sent MBI. In May 1947 two girls, Jeanette Veltman and Julia Smith from Berean Church, graduated from MBI and traveled to Arkansas to assist a missionary with Vacation Bible Class.

The June 27, 1948, Bulletin announced that Frank H. Moore was called to be the third pastor of Berean Church. Pictures of members were sent to Moore so he could familiarize himself with the membership before he arrived in 1949.

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Sunday Bulletins were printed on a mimeograph machine, but the church did not own one. In May of 1947 the Consistory, by unanimous consent, authorized the Bulletin Committee to purchase a mimeograph machine. It could then be used to produce Sunday School material in addition to the Bulletins. Two members were thanked who made a very generous contribution to help with the purchase. Also, during that month, in response to frequent requests, the practice of taking a second offering was discontinued. An earlier report indicated that the second offering was to be used for specific projects (like the mimeograph machine) or other church expenses.

Congratulations to Barb Carlisle, our chili cook off winner and runner up Judy Timmer!!! Thanks to all who made chili. They were all amazing 😋 

​Parkside Bible Church

in the 1940's

by Rod Cranson

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