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Holland, Michigan

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1. What can I expect during a worship service?

On any given Sunday morning at Parkside you will be worshiping with 250 to 300 individuals. We value families and inter-generational worship so you will experience various styles of music; contemporary and hymns. During the worship service you will be challenged with a 35-40 minute message. We also value local and overseas outreach efforts so you may be introduced to some of the ministries that Parkside Bible Church is involved with worldwide.

2. What should I wear to a service?

At Parkside you will see a wide variety of clothing choices, from jeans to dresses and ties. Our purpose in coming together is to worship God, not to impress each other. It’s not about what you wear. What is important is that you join us to learn and grow together in order to be a genuine community in pursuit of God and His design for life.

3. What will my children do during the service?

Parkside Bible Church is a multi-generational church and welcomes children into the service; the quiet ones and the energetic ones.  But we, of course, have a safe and nurturing nursery for babies and toddlers (birth to age 2) during the service. Children ages 3-5th grade join us for roughly the first half hour of the worship service before going to their own Children's Church program. For parents of nursery-aged children, when you visit us for the first time, please stop at our Welcome Desk and someone will bring you to the nursery and make sure that you and your child are welcomed.

4. Do you have Sunday School?

Yes!  Our Family Bible Hour is from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on Sundays (September thru May) with classes for the entire family.