Judy Timmer 

Administrative Assistant

Dale Bronsink 

Custodial Staff

Lead Pastor Gary Spykerman has served as a pastor for over 24 years and as a professor at Grace Bible College for over 7 years training the next generation of pastors. He desires to share the Scriptures in preaching and teaching and through his personal walk with Jesus Christ. He has a deep passion for the local church and is committed to the development of Christlikeness in every believer. Pastor Gary and his wife, Sue, are the parents of 4 children and have 10 grandchildren. 

Barb Carlisle 

Administrative Assistant

Allyssa Thompson serves as the Worship Leader at Parkside Bible Church. A graduate of Grace Bible College, she is gifted in music and has a passion for making the presence of God known through music. This is a way that she connects with the Lord and she desires to create an atmosphere for others to be in true worship of Him. She also has a passion for helping and empowering young women to follow God’s calling in their lives and to pursue their personal relationship with Him.

Trent Ramos  serves as Parkside's Youth Director.  Trent has a bachelor's degree in both Religious Education and International Business from Grace Christian University and Davenport University. One of the main focus's of his ministry is equipping and empowering the generation of youth. Trent has a passion and heart for equipping young men and women spiritually and biblically for life's challenges and empowering them to dream big while supporting them to accomplish their dreams.  Trent states that he values his team of ministry leaders in our youth program as they enhance the impact of Parkside's youth culture.

Rex DeBoer 

Maintenance Staff

Joe Johnson serves as Associate Pastor at Parkside joining the staff in 2017.  He is a 2013 graduate   of Grace Bible College majoring in Pastoral Studies.  After graduation, he worked at Grace Bible College in the Community Life Department while interning at Rush Creek Bible Church in Byron Center.  He felt a call to continue developing his pastoral skills and spent 3 years attending Grand Rapids Theological Seminary full time.  He spent two years as a pastoral intern at Celebration Bible Church in Grandville before joining Parkside's staff.  Joe has a passion for helping people to live in the new life of the Gospel and has a love for equipping people to commit to faithfulness in Christ.  At Parkside, Joe is shouldering all of the pastoral responsibilities along with Pastor Gary.  Joe and his wife, Kaylee, have 2 young children, Norah and Soren and are expecting twins.

Holland, Michigan

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Our pastoral staff brings over three decades of wisdom, experience, and passion for the church and God's people, committed to excellence in ministry. The staff of Parkside Bible Church is eager and willing to assist you in your walk with the Lord.

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